All India Sainik Schools Approximate dates of application forms for admission 2021-22.




VACANCIES : For Class VI: 80 Nos for boys and 10 for Girls and for Class IX 20 Nos. (Approximately)

Sainik School Gorhakhal Admission 2021-2022
Sainik School Trivandrum Admission 2021-2022
Sainik School Balachadi Admission 2021-2022
Sainik School Amaravathinagar,Tamilnadu Admission 2021-2022
Sainik School Bhubaneswar Admission 2021-2022
Sainik School Goalpara Admission 2021-2022
Sainik School Kapurthala Admission 2021-2022
Sainik School Korukonda,Andhra Pradesh Admission 2021-2022
Sainik School Kalikri,Andhra Pradesh Admission 2021-2022
Sainik School Kunjpara,Karnal,Haryana Admission 2021-2022
Sainik School, Nagrota, Tamilnadu Admission 2021-2022



Total Kit Contents - 6 Books & 1 One line test code

  1. 1 year solved papers - Maths
  2. 1 year solved papers - English.
  3. 1 year solved papers Intelligence Test And SS
  4. Maths workbook
  5. English Workbook
  6. Intelligence Workbook.
  7. General Awareness Book
  8. One line test - code valid for 6 months


COMBINED Entrance Exam Kit For Sainik School and Rashtriya Military School for Class 6 - 2022.

You can use this single kit for All Sainik School entrance as well as All Rashtriya Military School.

  1. Mathematics - Work Book
  2. Basic English - Work Book
  3. Intelligent Tests- Work Book
  4. General Knowledge
  5. Previous years solved Maths Papers
  6. Previous years Solved English papers
  7. One Online test code
  8. Mock test book with 5 sets of questions
  9. Gk Book 2021

   Rs. 3300/=


Total Kit Contents - 8 Books & 1 Online Test Code

  1. Solved Paper - Maths 1 year
  2. Solved Paper - English 1 year
  3. Solved Paper - Social Studies 1 year
  4. Mathematics,Physics,Chemistry & Biology Guide,History, Geography & Civics Guide.
  5. Online Entrance Test Pack valid for 3 months.
  6. Mental Aptitude Test one book.
  7. English Guide Book

Rs. 3400/=

Clear RIMC - Sainik - RMS School Entrance Examination in the very First Attempt

Here are some important tips to follow:-
Every day, we get queries from a lot of Military School aspirants regarding Entrance exam guidance. Many ask from where should they start the RIGHT and COMPREHENSIVE Entrance Exam preparation GUIDES. With mushrooming coaching institutes and a plethora of materials available online and offline, their worries are only compounded. We at DEFENCE ACADEMY ( believe that it is very important to address the basic queries of all freshers. Yes, that’s why we are here.
We are experienced retired defence officers, who have been through, sainik school, NDA, IMA and guided hundreds of aspirants have finally decided to spill the beans and tell you how we did it, You too can follow and achieve success in any competitive examinations


Defence Academy provides free "TARGET MILITAY SCHOOL", guidance, strategies, books, online study materials and mock tests with a vision that no candidate should be left out of Military School exam competition due to the inaccessibility of expensive Residential, Non-residential classroom coaching. Now, you may go through our advice listed out as 5-tips. We hope this guidance-post to be equally helpful for everyone who are confused – beginners or veterans.

Syllabus is Vast How many years should I Prepare?
No. You don’t need to know everything under the Sun to clear this exam. That’s the first thing to get into your head. There is a prescribed syllabus by Exam Board for the two stage entrance exam, ie. Main Entrance Exam, Interview ( No Interview for sainik school)and Medical examination. A good understanding of Entrance syllabus and pattern of the examination is the first step for all the aspirants. Since you Examination is being conducted by NTA for Sainik school it becomes necessary for you to know how to prepare?
Everyone will agree that without investing in some books, one cannot clear RIMC, Sainik or Rashtriya Military School Entrance examination. That’s right. The syllabus is vast; the aspirant should develop the habit of reading and taking notes. To start with, we recommend buying some useful books (like Military School Skill builder Guides by Defence Academy India) in addition to all the NCERT books.

School Entrance Exam Guidance – 4 Tips on how to start Military School Entrance Examination preparation
* Tip 1: Learn the requirements of the Sainik / Military School Entrance Exam!
  1. • Know the Syllabus
  2. • Get hold of previous year’s exam paper
  3. • Get the Right guides
  4. • Plan at least one year in advance
  5. • Make a time table and follow it strictly
  6. • Get a mock test done at the end of every week

** Tip 2 Get the right guidance Always get inspiration and right guidance from the topper’s interviews published on the website. We have been in coaching and guiding students for the past 16 years

***Tip 3: Join DEFENCE ACADEMY INDIA FOR Online coaching or Residential Coaching at Coimbatore: practice, learn, and revise!
You can learn and compete with thousands of aspirants across India by attempting our full length timed online mock test series for Military School Entrance Exam. Always keep in touch with Military School previous year question papers so that you won’t read wild things, and stay focused.
ONLINE TESTS: Sainik-RMS ONLINE TEST ***Tip 4: Join A Good Coaching Centre! Such as Defence Academy Coimbatore We are not against any classroom Coaching centres. There are many good, reputed centres, but at the same time, there are many others which don’t provide any service even after charging thousands of rupees as fees from the candidates. The ‘bad guys’ often misguide with advertisements and out-dated notes. Understand that the very need of attending a coaching institute, if any, is for right guidance, and not knowledge. In this online age, knowledge is available at mouse-click. If you are misguided in this highly competitive exam, you are ruined! So reduce your dependency on spoon-feeding by coaching institutes and build your analytical abilities. And for right Military School Entrance Exam guidance, you can always refer the Target Sainik-RMS School Entrance For knowing the latest and free tests
Defence Academy Coimbatore also gives Residential Coaching for Six months prior to entrance Examination Classes starts on 15 June every year Contact: 094437 20076, 84899 44252 FIRST THING FIRST Know the eligibility criteria of the Sainik/ RMS/ RIMC Entrance exam first The aspirant should be a studying in class V for Class VI Admission and Class VII for Class VIII RIMC Admission and Class VIII for Class IX Sainik/RMS Admission. To apply, the age of the applicant should be between 10-12,(For Class VI as on 31st March of the year of admission)
For Class IX the candidate should be between 13 to 15 Years
For RIMC the candidate should be between 11.5 to 13 years as on 1st Jan or 1st June as the case may be If you still have questions in your mind, just go through the respective school website.
Here is a statistics for RIMC Entrance Examination. (Based on our study on 2021 Admission)

  • 1. Number of vacancies: 25
  • 2. Number Applied for RIMC Entrance Examination: 9000 approx.
  • 3. Number appeared: 7589 approx.
  • 4. Number Qualified for Interview: 42
  • 5. Number Finally Selected: 25
  • 6. Percentage of admission: 0.27%
  • For Sainik School it is about 10% and RMS 4% admission
  • So, it is of great importance that you start your preparation early

    Skill Test age 10 years or class v

    Numerical and reasoning and logical test evolution


    You have 10 minutes to complete this test.
    Stage 1 has simple numerical ability test.
    Stage 2 moves on to test your logical way of doing the same test, called Solving the word problem in
    Stage 3 we move on to use reasoning in solving the word problem Application of learned formulae and skill.

    Stage - 1

    S. No:--- Question--- Answer
    1. 123+321 =
    2. 997-227 =
    3. 60 x 25 =
    4. 75 Divided by 5 =
    5. 999 + 100 =
    6. 9999- 99 =
    7. 99 x 9 =
    8. 9999 divided by 9
    9. 10000 + 99
    10 999 minus X
    11. 121x 11
    12. 99999 Divided by 100
    13. What is the product the number which is one less than the greatest three digit number and the least three digit number?
    14 Which one of the following is not a leap year 2012, 2014, 2020, 2022

    Stage :2 (Logic is used here to solve the under mention problem. No steps required, Write your answers in the answer column

    S. No:-- Question--- Answer
    1. What is the sum of the greatest 3 digit number and the least three digit number?
    2. If we take away the smallest single digit number from the greatest Two digit number we get
    3. What is the product of greatest three digit number and the least 3 digit number?
    4 If we divide the Greatest 4 digit number by the least two digit number we get___
    5 What would be the average of the first five odd numbers starting from 3?

    Stage:3. Adding reasoning ability to solve the numerical problem

    S.No:--- Question--- Answer
    1. If one hen can lay 1 egg per day. In a cage there are 2 birds, one is hen and one is a cock.
    In 10 days, they can lay_____ eggs.
    2. If a former had 10 goats all but 7 have died how many has he left with?
    3. Sekar had Rs.10000; he wanted to divide this amount in such a way that his elder daughter had 3 times
    more than the younger daughter. The amount his elder daughter has is ___
    4. If we divide the successor of greatest two digits number by Roman Numeral L, we get
    5 If, 6 hens can lay every day one egg, how many eggs did they all lay in Feb 2020?

    Exercise: Please take a print out and solve the above problems in just 5 mins. This will tell you the function of your brain, the results will tell you were you are strong and in which stage you required more improvement

    Our finding:
    A Child with High intelligence rating will get 90%
    Child with above average IQ will get between 70 to 90
    An average child will be between 41 to 70
    A child with learning disability will get under 30%
    What we are looking for in a defence person is ability use all the three aspects in a combination and score at least 75%
    This test was conducted for the persons who aspire to become a defence officer and the findings were:-
    His reading habit
    1.How many books have you read which are not related to your school studies, during the last year? Other Tests to be conducted on the cadet before giving admission:-
    1. Spatial Ability
    2. Verbal - English Language
    3. Mechanical Reasoning
    4. Time taken to solve Chinese puzzle- 7 pieces making a square with one demonstration______ Seconds
    5. Sample of Listening and writing 10 lines English---Audio skill
    6. Speed and Accuracy test
    7. Hand - mind- eye- Co-ordination test computer car gaming three trails
    8. Creative idea test one Minute- Three small day to day usage items are given the child has to make some design in 2 minutes
    Either by doing it or writing / drawing in on a paper
    9. Spoken ability---- tell me about your family members and what you like and dislike?
    10. Reading ability English / Hindi/ Tamil one short paragraph and writing answers for the questions asked -Comprehension test
    11. Simple general Awareness test- Who is the President of India? How many states are there in India?
    12. Medical checkup by Doctor to a certain whether the child can take on physical training
    13. Any other test suggested by Psychologist
    14. The above test will us an idea of trainability of the cadet
    15. The overall score of the cadet should be above 75% in order to achieve a high standard after training
    To know more about Language ability. IQ level
    Contact us:-

    Defence Academy Coimbatore

    094437 20076, 84899 44252

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