About Us

   Defence Academy, Coimbatore established in the year 2005. by Lt. Colonel C.S. Jayavel (Retd). He is a Kargil Veteran and a trained Group testing Officer. He is a former instructor at MIRC, Ahmedabad and is a commando trained. He did some flying before opting to join the Indian Army.

   An Alumnus of Sainik School Amaravathinagar and Bijapur. Presently is the Director and In-charge of Group Testing at Defence Academy.

Training imparted at our academy

Facilities Available at our Academy

  1. Hostel- Accommodation Separate Bed for each candidate
  2. Hygienic Food
  3. Hot Water for bathing
  4. Computer based classes
  5. Study Material
  6. TV for Entertainment
  7. Internet facilities
  8. Filling forms for various tests via Computer
  9. Library- Limited Editions
  10. Dhobi Services
  11. Out Door Tasks for SSB aspirants
  12. Physical Training for Soldiers, sailors, airmen, constable, entry